Digital signatures are the most essential and safe type of electronic signature. You can use them to fulfil with the most challenging legal and controlling requirements because they provide the highest levels of guarantee about each signer's identity and the rationality of the documents they sign. This concept involves not only the implementation of new digital tools by the organisations but also the reshuffle of their strategies by implementing new technologies to progress interactions, reduce costs and increase profits.

The case for digital signing is fascinating:

  • 8% of companies who executed digital signatures saw a return on investment in the first year.
  • 24% saw Return on Investment within three months

But the most instantaneous impact is the boost in team efficiency and productivity in companies and key outcomes include:

  • Turn around decreased from an average two days to as fast as one hour
  • Over 90% of approval completed on the same day

SMFD application brings the change in business perspective:

SMFD is the world's most accessible software to get your petitions e-signed! It works for small, medium and large businesses. It's affordable, simple and secure. SMFD supports sequenced authorities.

The SMFD benefits companies that are experiencing the digital transformation since it allows, among other things:

  • Sign documents and request services anywhere and anytime.
  • Lessen the use of paper and subsidise to the care of the environment.
  • Modernize workflows when multiple signatures are required.
  • Systematise the signing of multiple documents
  • Recognise the signatories and protect the information confined in a document.
  • Less manual work for staff, freeing sales to focus on generating revenue.

In an increasingly hyper linked, worldwide and delocalised world, digital SMFD designed to improve the productivity of the organisation, allows to meet the needs of customers in a more modified way and grants a degree of quickness to organisations that did not previously have.                

In short, it means more business opportunities.

Security concerns for business:

This application has serious security integration in which everything is encrypted from user applying for application to the authorities, everything is encrypted unlike other application that try to encrypt the things that matters, SMFD encrypts everything. authorised are advised to use two factor authentication  (2FA) for their security.

Any consideration of application security would be incomplete without taking classic firewalls and web application firewalls (WAFs) into consideration. So this application is covered with real-time Security Monitoring and protection which differentiate it from the rest of the application in the market.

Business around the world are directly altering their business using digital knowledges to deliver swiftness, effectiveness, cost reserves and great customer involvements. Document signature processes characterise one of the biggest chance areas to fast-track this move. Workers spend immeasurable hours hunting down agreements and ink signatures and then print, scan, fax, or mail document to get the job done. The resulting delays irritate customers, business partners, and employee alike and finally reflect poorly on the company’s brand.

Practical benefits

The practical welfares of this application include dropping the hard copies managed by the departments and reducing the expanses that will be stopping companies to grow.

Customer try to do everything online now, everything is available online so about 90% of total population are now using latest technologies that can enhance business world up to a whole new level.

Customers don’t have admittance to printers at home, and requirement for a digital signature may end up costing companies as customers need to work for digital tools. Companies are new dependent on papers are at high risk, it will be annoying customers or losing because it cause delays due to errors and unidentified documents produced my most of the companies.

So, extra companies are permitting customers to ample the process through digital tools.


Digital signatures help companies to craft more viable offerings, and improved workstations: building businesses that can flourish in the new economy.

Unlike any other e-signature software SMFD focuses on simplicity and security which means instead of making bigger problem for you and giving you hard time to integrate or move to SMFD all you have to to is sign-up and start using it right away in your organisation you can feel the money and the time you are saving right less than a week.

Don't wait any longer start reading our documentation and try in our live demo !